Senior Living Community

Personal Care/Independent Living
Dignity Security Friendship
325 N. Broadway, Wind Gap, PA 18091

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We hope the information provided on this site about Walden III Personal Care can be a useful tool as you proceed with your evaluation of possible placement options. Needless to say, you are welcome to visit us here at Walden III. As I said in my welcome message, I can tell you about every aspect of the facility and the various programs and services but you cannot truly get a feel for what we have to offer without experiencing it firsthand.  Prospective residents especially can benefit from a tour. It can serve to dispel some of the less favorable notions they may have thus making the move toward acceptance just a little bit easier.  


Contact us at (610) 863-7059.

E-Mail us at samuelcassidy@hotmail.com.

Or pay us a visit at 325 North Broadway (route 115) in Wind Gap. Please be aware that we are an odd number on the even side of the road. Most navigation systems get it wrong. Please see the map.