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Judy and Dennis Cassidy:  Dennis I have been involved, in some fashion, with the elderly since 1977. Dennis worked as an orderly during my college years and took a job as Director of Social Services in the same nursing home upon graduation while I was attending nursing school at Abington Hospital. In the early 1980's Dennis was hired to help a group develop one of the first `Personal Care homes' designed specifically to serve an elderly population. Dennis served as the Administrator for the fledgling venture and steered from its inception through a period of substantial growth before finally deciding to strike out on his own in 1985. Dennis and I, along with our partner Marvin Goldberg, conceived, designed and built Walden III, beginning operation on February 17th 1987. We have believed from day one that our involvement with every aspect of Walden III was critical to the success of the venture and that holds true to this day. But of course none of it would be possible without the invaluable contributions of the uniquely talented and dedicated people below!




Samuel Cassidy: Our Administrator came on board in 2010 to contribute his unique talents and expertise to managing Walden III. After graduating from college, he embarked on a career in media communications before returning to his roots and taking a position as the Recreation Director at an area nursing home. Having literally grown up in Walden III he has now come full circle and is key to helping us maintain the highest possible standards in what has always been a family business.



Jamie Cassidy , our Head Med Tech at Walden III. Here we expect a bit more out of our medication technicians, and Jamie is a perfect example of that. With 10 years of practical experience under her belt, her ongoing educational pursuits only serve to broaden her extensive knowledge of the kinds of medical issues that she helps our residents with on a daily basis. That coupled with four generations of family history at Walden III makes Ms. Warner an easy and natural fit at Walden III.